Urbanspoon for Windows 10

Urbanspoon for Windows 10

Decide where to eat


  • Map of nearby restaurants
  • Ability to filter by price, distance, and cuisine
  • Good photo galleries


  • Not enough information on most restaurant pages
  • No randomization feature
  • Restaurant reviews take you out of the app


Urbanspoon for Windows 8 and Windows RT is a restaurant look up app that will help you decide where to eat.

If you're new to a city or just can't decide what to eat, Urbanspoon for Windows 8 will help. The app has been on other platform like iOS and Android for years but now it's on Windows 8. If you're expecting the same experience with Urbanspoon for Windows 8, you'll be disappointed.

One of the things that made Urbanspoon so popular was its ability to randomize restaurants for you based on cuisine, price, and neighborhood. Unfortunately, Urbanspoon for Windows 8 doesn't have that feature. It still retains the ability to look up restaurants near by but you can only filter by one criteria at a time and there's no fun, slot machine-like randomization.

What Urbanspoon for Windows 8 does offer is a map of all the restaurants near by as well as detailed information pages that give photos, likes/dislikes, pricing info, restaurant hours, and more. There's a ton of information in Urbanspoon for Windows 8 but user reviews and articles about the restaurants are limited. There are a great number of critics reviews for restaurants though.

Urbanspoon for Windows 8 definitely needs some work expanding its database. Many restaurant pages are spartan and lack photos and reviews. Yelp still leads in the amount of information it gathers but there isn't an official Yelp app for Windows 8 yet.

Overall, Urbanspoon for Windows 8 is a good for looking at restaurants around you but doesn't offer as much information as competitors.

Urbanspoon for Windows 10


Urbanspoon for Windows 10

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